Overwatch's McCree has a new name: Cole Cassidy
The new handle actually kinda fits within the Overwatch narrative, too.
Overwatch’s McCree gets a new name: Cole Cassidy
Blizzard will pull all Jesse McCree references from the game
Overwatch's McCree has been renamed Cole Cassidy
Following the firing of the Blizzard dev he was named after, McCree is officially being renamed Cole Cassidy next week.
Overwatch's McCree is now Cole Cassidy
On Friday, Blizzard revealed Overwatch character McCree will now be named Cole Cassidy. The name Cole Cassidy may refer to Butch Cassidy, the famous outlaw who, along...
Overwatch’s McCree Has A New Name
Popular Overwatch character McCree has a brand new name now that his namesake Jesse McCree is gone from Blizzard.McCree's new name is Cole Cassidy,
Overwatch's McCree will be renamed Cole Cassidy next week
Amid fallout from Activision Blizzard lawsuit.
Blizzard renames Overwatch's McCree to Cole Cassidy
Blizzard Entertainment renames Overwatch hero McCree as Cole Cassidy. This renaming is happening due to McCree's namesake being fired from the studio following information that surfaced as a result of the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.
Overwatch hero McCree will be renamed Cole Cassidy next week
Blizzard has revealed the new name for the spaghetti western inspired Overwatch hero Jesse McCree. The character will now be known by the name Cole Cassidy, with the change being made by a game updat
Overwatch’s McCree becomes Cole Cassidy next week
The Overwatch gunslinger is getting his new name and backstory October 26
‘Overwatch’ hero McCree gets a new name next week
'Overwatch' hero Jesse McCree is getting a new name next week following several name changes across Blizzard games.
Overwatch Offers Free Name Change After Renaming McCree
Overwatch's McCree hero now has a new name, but he's not the only one who's going to get the [...]
After McCree’s New Name Reveal, Overwatch Players Can Change Their BattleTag For Free Too
Blizzard is granting a free name change to commemorate switching the cowboy hero's moniker to Cole Cassidy.
Blizzard Has Officially Renamed Overwatch's McCree
Say hello to Cole Cassidy
Overwatch's McCree officially changes his name "to make things right"
Overwatch reveals McCree's new name and makes the switch canon
Overwatch’s McCree Gets His New Handle Following the Firing of His Namesake
Blizzard promised they were changing Overwatch hero McCree's name, and now they've followed through. Check out the new moniker.
Overwatch Reveals McCree's New Name
Blizzard announced back in August that it would be changing McCree's name in response to [...]
Overwatch’s cowboy hero is now named Cole Cassidy
Blizzard provided a clever in-game reason for the change.
Overwatch devs reveal McCree's new name as it distances itself from controversy
The developers at Blizzard Entertainment unveiled their new take on the iconic gunslinger while vowing to do better against a toxic internal culture
Overwatch devs reveal McCree's new name as Blizzard distances itself from controversy
Developers at Blizzard Entertainment unveil a new take on the iconic gunslinger at the center of the game Overwatch.
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