Twitter admits its algorithms amplify right-wing content
An internal study at Twitter has revealed that the platform's algorithms amplify right-wing content over left-wing content.
Twitter Reports Its Algorithm Amplifies Right-Wing Political Content
The study analyzed hundreds of millions of political Tweets.
Twitter finds its algorithms amplify the political right
The first part of an internal study examined tweets from elected officials and news outlets in seven countries including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Right-wing elected officials' content amplified by Twitter algorithm
Twitter conducted a study that found tweets posted by accounts from the political right receive more algorithmic amplification than the political left when studied as a group.
Twitter algorithm amplifies right-leaning politics more than left, internal study finds
A team at Twitter found content from right-wing politicians and right-leaning news outlets received a greater boost from its algorithm.
Twitter’s Internal Research Confirms Its Algorithm Favors Right-Wing Voices
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Twitter's research shows its algorithms boost tweets from the right
An in-house study finds that Twitter's algorithms amplify tweets from the political right more than they do the left, but it's unclear why.
Twitter's algorithm favours right-leaning politics, finds research
Home feed promotes rightwing tweets over those from the left, internal research finds
Twitter’s algorithm favours right-leaning content, news outlets, finds research
The social media giant itself conducted the study in seven countries.
Twitter admits bias in algorithm for right-wing sources
Social media platform examined tweets from elected officials in seven countries
A Twitter Internal Study Claims Platform Amplifies Right-Wing Content
A study conducted by Twitter discovered that the platform's algorithm tends to recommend posts from right-leaning lawmakers and media outlets more than that of left-wing users.Twitter began offering users the
Twitter’s research shows that its algorithm favors conservative views
Twitter doesn’t know what causes this issue
Twitter's algorithms actually promote right-wing ideologies, not liberal ones
Twitter and other social platforms have long been accused of having a liberal bias, censoring conservative voices, and being biased in favor of left-wing ideologies. But a new study shows that -- at least in the case of Twitter -- the reverse is true.
Conservatives say Twitter suppresses their voices. Twitter says it amplifies them
A study by Twitter found that the platform's algorithms actually amplify right-wing voices.
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