After McCree’s New Name Reveal, Overwatch Players Can Change Their BattleTag For Free Too

by · Forbes
After Blizzard changed the cowboy hero's name from McCree to Cole Cassidy, you can change your ... [+] BattleTag for free too.Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch devs are changing the name of McCree, who shared his name with a former Blizzard developer who was linked to the notorious “Cosby Suite” at BlizzCon. As of Tuesday, the cowboy hero will be known as Cole Cassidy.

To commemorate the change, Blizzard is giving all Overwatch players the chance to change their BattleTag for free too. Doing so usually costs $10.

Blizzard already allowed players to change their BattleTag once for no fee. But if you’ve already done that on your account, you’ll get another chance to switch it to something else through this promotion, which runs until November 5th. The name changes won’t stack for future use, so for those who didn’t previously change their BattleTag for free, it’s still a one-time deal.

To request a name change, you can do so through this form:

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Once Blizzard has processed your request, you’ll receive a notification, but the publisher warned that this could take up to four weeks.

At the very least, this is a good reminder that players who’ve chugging along with a BattleTag they don’t want anymore can change it without having to pay up. It could be a welcome option for console players who connected their accounts to a one when crossplay went live and didn’t put too much thought into their BattleTag.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is testing some changes for Cassidy in the latest Experimental patch. His Combat Roll works in mid-air and his Dead Eye ultimate locks onto targets faster. There’s no guarantee these changes will make it out of the Experimental mode into the live game, however.