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Biden Mocks Americans' 'Freedom' During Response on Vaccine Mandates at CNN Town Hall

by · Townhall

President Biden, who in December said he “wouldn’t demand” vaccines be mandatory, not only mocked unvaccinated Americans on Thursday and their freedom to make their own medical decisions, but also endorsed the firing of first responders and police who don’t comply.

During a town hall event with CNN, moderator Anderson Cooper asked about his thoughts on first responders and police in a number of major cities who are refusing to take the vaccine, which has been mandated at the city level.

“Should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and if not, should they stay at home or be let go?” he wondered.

“Yes and yes,” Biden replied to applause. “By the way, I waited until July to talk about mandating because I tried everything else possible. The mandates are working. All the stuff about people leaving … all the talk about all these folks who are going to leave if they’re mandated, not true, you got about a 90 some percent vaccination rate.”

He then mocked one of the main concerns about the mandates—“freedom,” and said those people are trying to make it a “political issue.”

“‘I have the freedom to kill you with my Covid,’ I mean come on, freedom,” he said.

He also blasted "the gross misinformation that’s out there" and took a jab at Fox News.

"Do you realize they mandate vaccinations? I find it mildly fascinating," he said.

Earlier this month Fox News's Tucker Carlson exposed Biden for lying about a mandate at Fox. 

“To be clear, we just have a show on this channel, that's it, we don't run the company and we would never presume to speak for the company,” Carlson said in response. “But as a factual matter, what Joe Biden just said is completely untrue. It is a lie, period."