Bill Maher Backs Dave Chappelle Amid Criticisms: 'Everyone Needs to Netflix and Chill the F--- Out'
HBO host Bill Maher on Friday pushed back against criticisms of comedian Dave Chappelle, who has been the subject of controversy after being accused of making transphobic comments in his
Bill Maher Defends Dave Chappelle Over Controversial Trans Comments: ‘Everyone Needs To Netflix & Chill The F**k Out’
Bill Maher has never been shy about expressing some often-unpopular opinions, and he continued that tradition on Friday night's edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher". During the opening monologue, Maher addressed the controversy that's engulfed fellow stand-up comic Dave Chappelle, whose comments about the transgender community in his new Netflix special "The Closer" caused…
Bill Maher Defends Dave Chappelle Over Netflix Controversy
Bill Maher unsurprisingly leaned in hard Friday night, defending Dave Chappelle, saying embracing Dave's latest Netflix special does not make someone transphobic.
Bill Maher pushes back on criticism of Chappelle: 'What the f--- was that reaction?'
HBO’s Bill Maher pushed back against criticism aimed at comedian Dave Chappelle, whose Netflix special has come under fire for being transphobic.
Dave Chappelle to Tour The Closer If the Controversial Special Gets Pulled from Netflix
Fans attending a Dave Chappelle show in London say the comedian announced his plans to tour The Closer if it happens to get yanked from Netflix.
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